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What Is
Americana Music?

Americana Music evolved in the 1990’s when the American radio and recording industry was seeking to bring together performers, professionals and fans under the one banner that could best promote roots music and distinguish it from mainstream country.


Americana Music was formally anointed in 1999 with the formation of the Americana Music Association (AMA), a non-for-profit organisation which has gone from strength to strength despite the on-going identity issues that persist within the genre.


And Exploring

Americana Music

Crossroads is where the various strands that constitute Americana Music collide on life’s Lost Highway as each search for the same direction home.

It is a congested intersection with an amalgam of styles – alt-country, bluegrass, folk, blues, rhythm and blues, country-rock – sitting under the umbrella of American roots music.

2020 Monthly
Crossroads Playlist

Every month Crossroads releases an exciting amalgamation of Americana Music. There will be a mix of new releases, discoveries and old favourites. The aim is to fairly represent in 20 tracks the various strands that constitute the genre.

Top 100 Great 
Americana Songs


Copperhead Road

Steve Earle 1988
(Written by Steve Earle) 


Pancho and Lefty

Emmylou Harris 1977
(Written by Townes Van Zandt)


The Night they Drove
Old Dixie Down 

The Band 1968
(Written by Robbie Robinson)

Top 30 Great 
Americana Albums

Flipped into the wind / Like the ashes of her cigarette

Buddy Mondlock – Coming Down in the Rain

News & Updates

Each week new albums are released, concert tours announced and the recording industry finds ways to attract new audiences.

Crossroads keeps across these developments with regular updates and added-value information. 

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